The RUSHAI technology provides great flexibility for the hot stamping (press hardening) of a large range of blank thicknesses, with the possibility to locally control the cooling rate and, hence, pave the way towards making complex tailored components.

RUSHAI unlocks new opportunities to manufacture very thin, hence very light, components with extraordinary strength and crashworthiness. It enables an estimated 30% reduction of component weight, paving the way towards electromobility, while at the same time reducing component production costs by a projected 70%. This will generate a strongly increasing market demand for Ultra High Strength Steel (UHSS) hot-stamped Body in White (BIW). Exploiting this technology, mechanical presses may replace in the future hydraulic presses, providing even faster cycling time.

RUSHAI technology enables hot stamping to go one step beyond Industry 4.0 towards Advanced Manufacturing. The RUSHAI approach creates a basis for a break-through quality assurance system by autonomously controlling the quality of every single component produced with minimum human intervention. RUSHAI‘s intelligent quality control system increases the possibilities of producing more accurate and tailored complex components and facilitates the main objective of enabling a smart, fast and functional hot-stamping process that reduces time, component scraps, weight and cost, while improving passenger safety.


Further results will be published here.