Centro Ricerche FIAT

Representing Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA Group), will lead the system specifications and the validation of the final technology at the premises of their supplier. CRF disposes of privileged knowledge with regard to vehicle component design, manufacturing processes, tooling requirements, and access to validation trials at FCA site or supplier site under real industrial conditions. FCA has 14 commercial brands, is present in +40 countries and disposes of 159 operating plants around the globe to boost RUSHAI exploitation.


Expert in High Performance Tool Materials and advanced tooling and material processing technologies for highly demanding industry applications. ROVALMA is the inventor and developer of the ultra-fast-hot stamping tooling technology that will be further developed and tested in this project. ROVALMA sells its products and services globally, directly or in cooperation with a network of regional distribution partners.


Experts in press design and manufacturing for cold and hot stamping processes in the automotive sector will lead the innovations in the press. GIGANT is an international company exporting 50% of its assets to EU and NAFTA.


Expert in AI-based automated analytics for advanced manufacturing, will be in charge of the entire monitoring, data processing and process control system.